The quick and easy health benefits found by using Clove Oil!


Back to the basics?

People are starting to find solutions in going back to the basics of health and nutrition.  They are finding the value in drawing near to natural products that they can pronounce.  Many of these wholesome solutions come directly out of mother earth’s own ‘laboratory.’  Those who have made the shift to this way of living are reaping the vibrant health and powerful sense of well-being that that natural products provide.  In this busy, fast-food driven world, it is comforting to know that incorporating even one well-picked health product in your routine can improve your energy, your well-being, and can give you the energy to live the life you desire.

The miraculous panacea: Clove Oil

There are few health items on the market that can give you more bang for your well-being ‘buck’ than Clove Oil.  A few drops a day addresses a staggering array of health and nutrition needs.  Clove Oil is derived from a plant that originated in India, and it has been used worldwide as a natural healer for hundreds of years.  The dried buds are the most potent part of the plant and they contain unparalleled medicinal properties.  Here are just a few of the things that Clove Oil can do:


•Reduces stomach pain

•Increases digestion

•Improves blood circulation

•Increases libido

•Reduces Candida

•Parasite killer

• Anti-tumor

•Anti-inflammatory (helps with sports injuries and arthritis)

•Dental anesthetic (very useful in reducing pain after oral procedures and surgery)

•Lowers insulin levels


•Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and great for infections

•Dry skin remedy

•Lessens stretch marks

•Excellent as an emotional ‘healer’


•Wonderful smelling air deodorizer

•Natural/non-pesticide assistance for home gardens and yards

•Kills mold and fungus

And so much more!

Next time you are thinking of taking a small, but sure step towards your own personal well-being, step into your local health food store and pick up a tiny yet powerful bottle of Clove Oil!

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