Salad Superfood: Radishes!



When it comes to how best to eat healthy, the number one, go-to solution that people come up with is easy. Have a salad!  But is it that simple?  Many salads are laden with hidden fats, sugars, and excessive sodium in its meats, dressings, and caramelized nut toppings.  While watching out for what you need to take out of a salad can be a huge benefit to your health, it’s also important to know what to put in.  Sometimes it’s one nutrient packed ingredient that can make all of the difference.

Why Radishes?

The gorgeous reds and whites that come from topping your salad with thin slices of fresh radishes is the least of its benefits.  Radishes are actually a powerful superfood that are rich in Vitamin C, anthocyanins, and folic acid.  Beyond the nutritional breakdown of this beautiful berry colored root vegetable, the effects that take place within your body after ingesting them is astonishing.

How radishes do a body good!

From the minute you eat a radish, it has already gone to work as a powerful advocate for your health and well-being.  Radishes dissolve excess mucus in your digestive tract, and contribute strongly to efficient and complete digestion of your entire meal.  Eating radishes is anti-acidic (a powerful marker of health), and their ingestion assists the body in expelling gallstones.  Radishes also cleanse the kidneys and tone the bladder, preventing infections in the process.  Radishes are friends to your entire digestive tract.

Individuals who eat radishes on a regular basis are known to have less instances of the flu, less colds, and also are proven to have decreased chances of contracting cancer.

Why not eat the whole thing?

While the majority of radish eaters are used to crunching on the spicy zany taste of the colorful root, most don’t know that the leafy tops of the radishes are great for cooking as well.  Not only are they able to be eaten, but radish greens are actually a major provider of protein and calcium.  They contain Vitamin C and important minerals that contribute to a stronger, more robust immune system.  Radish greens are also excellent detoxifiers.

Next time you’re ordering a salad, tell them not to forget the radishes!




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